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Within our website, you will find many items including vivariums, terrariums, uv lighting equipment, heating equipment, thermostats, substrate, vivariums decorations, feeding equipment, thermometers, incubators live food, dry food, frozen food and so much more, all at ridiculously low prices.

We supply products from many of the exotic pet worlds biggest names such as Lucky Reptile, Nekton, VivExotic, Komodo, T-rex, Exo Terra, Arcadia, ProRep, White Python, Habistat and many more.

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Online Reptile Shop


Zoo Med Cork Tile Background 30x45cm NCB-2
Price: £16.99
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Lucky Reptile ROUGH Cork Background 60x30cm KBG-6
Price: £16.99
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ProRep Lignocel Substrate BULK 12.5Kg
Price: £23.95
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ProRep Tortoise Food 500g Jar
Price: £6.50
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Lucky Reptile Thermometer Deluxe LTH-31
Price: £6.95
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ProRep Heater Guard Standard Rectangular
Price: £10.39
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