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Live Locusts for Sale

Buying live locusts in bulk for your pet reptile is a good decision. Live locusts are highly active and super colourful. The combination of these attributes means they’re an enticing meal option for your pet.

Maintaining live locust meals for your pet in the UK is easy thanks to the weather conditions. Live locusts are inexpensive to maintain and resilient enough to remain healthy until you’re ready to feed them to your pet.

With a reliable partner like OnlineReptileShop, you can rest assured you’re getting healthy, nutritious live reptile food for your pet. While you may not get free delivery for your live locusts consignment, we can assure high-quality packaging and super fast delivery.

We also offer live flies and live brown crickets for your pets.

Buy Live Locusts Online

While live black crickets are another common live food option for reptiles, live locusts are a better option for lazy pets. Thanks to their white and yellow colour streaks, locusts are definitely going to attract the attention of your pet.

Plus it’s easy to keep live locusts in good health. A plastic container under room temperature, basic food options and a water source are all you need to manage locusts for a number of weeks.

Although they don’t have as much protein as live mealworms, live locusts have plenty of nutritional value. As a staple of your pet’s diet, expect increased energy and muscle building.

Our pet food options also include live snails and frozen food for fish. Shop with us today!

3 Item(s)