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Bearded Dragon Kits

If you are looking for everything you need to keep a bearded dragon look no further. Here you will find a selection of starter kits for your bearded dragon. Your bearded dragon setup should be a wholesome habit that allows your pet to thrive.

If you’re looking to buy a bearded dragon kit to set up a vivarium in the UK, here’s what it should contain:

Breeder Tank and Mesh Lid

A tank is a crucial part of a bearded dragon starter kit. For an adult pet, the minimum size requirement is 36x18x18. Although an advanced bearded dragon kit can reach sizes of up to 48x18x18.

The breeder tank for your bearded dragon lizard habitat can be made from glass, melamine or PVC. It should also have a mesh lid to prevent your bearded dragon from climbing out.

Reptile Lamp

Non-light-emitting bulbs can help to keep the enclosure sufficiently heated at night. A full-bearded dragon vivarium setup may also require a basking lamp and fluorescent bulbs.

Adhesives and Hooks

In addition to a lampstand, these will be useful for installing bulbs and other fixtures in your bearded dragon vivarium.

Reptile Carpet

A full setup for your bearded dragon kit can also include a reptile carpet. This particular feature is usually included to increase the comfort of your pet.

Hygrometer and Thermometer Units

Bearded dragons are super sensitive to temperature and humidity changes. As such, the best-bearded dragon vivarium should have instruments to measure these elements.

For instance, a bearded dragon kit in the UK may come with a SensorPush. This device allows you to measure temperature/humidity, keep a record, and set alerts.

Decor Fixtures

This may include but is not limited to food dishes, hides, branches and hammocks. These features of your bearded dragon vivarium setup will add colour and sparkle to your pet’s life.

Check through our collection of bearded dragon vivariums for a setup kit that ticks all of the boxes!

Tank Options for a Bearded Dragon Vivarium

The tank is arguably the most important part of your bearded dragon lizard habitat. After all, that’s where your cold-blooded friend will be spending the bulk of its time.

In your search for a bearded dragon vivarium, here are the types of tanks you should consider:

Glass Bearded Dragon Tank Setup

These are the most popular forms of enclosure for a bearded dragon starter kit. Mostly, this popularity is because of their affordability. They are usually durable and make it easy to interact with your pet.

The only factor you have to consider is its size. A glass bearded dragon lizard habitat is usually heavy. As such, once you set up your bearded dragon habitat, it will be complicated to move it.

Additionally, the insulation capability of a glass bearded dragon setup is low. Although you can make up for this by installing a requisite heat source.

Melamine Bearded Dragon Setup Kit

This type of breeder enclosure is made from a special form of wood. It’s a great fit especially if you own a colourful bearded dragon.

This kind of bearded dragon setup kit has whiteboards that reflects light excellently. As such, your bearded dragon will only be too happy to bask in all of the extra light.

PVC Bearded Dragon Setup

This type of bearded dragon vivarium setup reflects light amazingly well. It’s made from PVC, a quality that makes it lightweight. As such, you can easily move your bearded dragon at your convenience. They also retain an aesthetic appeal that’s great for most decor situations.

ABS Cages

This form of bearded dragon vivarium setup works just like the PVC enclosure. It’s lightweight and sturdy. Its sturdiness allows for stacking especially if you have multiple bearded dragon pets.

Considerations for Your Bearded Dragon Vivarium

The most important consideration for a bearded dragon habitat kit in the UK is lighting. Bearded dragons occur naturally in the Australian deserts. As such, they need full-spectrum lighting for up to 14 hours every day.

To make up for this, your bearded dragon starter kit should include bulbs that emit light across all of the UV ranges. This is the only way your bearded dragon will remain healthy and colourful. More importantly, you should ensure an even distribution of the light across the tank.

Another consideration is to ensure there’s a way your bearded dragon can get within 6 inches of the light source. The best way to do this is to install a rock, platform or branch.

Our collection of bearded dragon vivarium starter kits are designed to cater to all of your pet’s needs.

Your One-Stop for the Best Bearded Dragon Vivarium

We are fully committed to being the leading provider of a bearded dragon vivarium in the UK. That’s why we go the extra mile with our bearded dragon kits. We are constantly reviewing and updating our selection of bearded dragon vivariums for sale.

As beardie parents ourselves, we have an intimate understanding of the needs of your cold-blooded friend. And, as you know firsthand, these needs may change. We always review all of our lizard kits to reflect any change in recommendations for a bearded dragon vivarium.

The best part is, we offer the same level of care with all of our lizard kits. You can expect the very best from the following:

Shop our collections today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying a Bearded Dragon Vivarium

Below are answers to important questions that will guide your decision to set up a bearded dragon lizard habitat

What is the Best Size Vivarium for a Bearded Dragon?

Sizing is one of the important factors to consider when buying a bearded dragon advanced kit (or a starter kit). If the vivarium is too small, it will only limit the growth of your bearded dragon.

Here’s a short guide that can help you arrive at the best vivarium size for your pet:

  • Baby dragons: Here, a 20-gallon tank will do the trick. This will make it easier for your pet to catch food, play and grow.

  • 10-16 inches: Bearded dragons in this growth stage will need a 40-gallon tank at the very least.

  • 16-20 inches: Here, it’s best to install a vivarium that can take between 50-75 gallons. This will allow enough space for healthy growth.

  • 20+ inches: At the very least you will need an 80-gallon tank. If you have the money and the space to accommodate the tank, go for a 120-gallon enclosure.

What does a Bearded Dragon Need in its Vivarium?

Your bearded dragon lizard habitat should have a heat source, adequate lighting and ample space. You can accessorise with branches, a temperature measurement unit and a reptile carpet.

Can you Leave a Heat Lamp on All Night for a Bearded Dragon?

You shouldn’t leave a heat lamp on throughout the night. Your bearded dragon will bask naturally under the sun during the day.

Since UVB bulbs can’t produce enough heat, you can install a special heat lamp for basking purposes. At night, keep temperatures around 21-24°C. Additionally, your reptile friend needs darkness to sleep well. Therefore, do not use white lights at night.

Do Bearded Dragons Like to be Petted?

Yes, bearded dragons enjoy petting from time to time. The best way to do this is by gentry stroking it on its head. When carrying your bearded dragon out of its lizard habitat, pick it by the belly. Be sure to move slowly to avoid scaring it.

Do Beardies Bite?

Bearded dragons may bite in certain situations. This may happen if they are hungry, overly excited, or feel unsafe. It may also happen if you’re doing something it doesn’t like.

Depending on your experience with a bearded dragon, it’s highly unlikely you’re going to get bitten by your pet.

5 Item(s)