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Snails of a range of ages and sizes. They are the same species as those eaten by humans. These come from the same farm as those served in Michelin starred restaurants. The species is Helix aspersa maxima.

Buy Snail Online

It can be a hard task to find the best food for your reptile friend. That is why we at Online Reptile Shop stock an extensive variety of live reptile food including live snails for sale in the UK.

Our selections of live snails are the best treat for reptiles, ponds and a terrarium. Furthermore, live snails are a great source of nutrition for your pet.

They’re rich in calcium and protein. With live snails as part of your pet’s diet, you can be sure of nutrients necessary for bone growth and optimal muscle function.

We stock live snails for reptiles along with live black crickets and live flies. More importantly, we only sell high-quality snails that are good enough for human consumption.

Using Snails as Reptile Food

Because you don’t need to take them for walks and are easy to maintain, many people want snails as their pet. While pet snails are a great idea, our offerings focus mainly on live snails for reptiles, fish tanks and ponds.

You’ll need to keep these live snails in a fridge, at the optimum temperature. Just like with live brown crickets, it’s advisable to gut load snails before feeding them to your pet.

At Online Reptile Shop, our goal is to provide all pet owners with the best food supplements and nutritional options. The best part is we offer live snails for sale at the best prices.

If the need is urgent, we also offer next-day delivery in the UK without a trade-off in the quality of our live snails. Our next-day delivery also applies for live locusts and frozen chicks.

Shop through our reptile food offerings today!

Nutritional Benefits of Live Snails

The protein content in snails has similarities with live mealworms and beef. The major difference is that live snails have less fat content.

In addition to being a significant protein source, live snails have iron, Vitamin A, calcium and other numerals.

The Vitamin A in live snails for sale will help your reptile resist diseases and stay healthy. It’s also crucial for cell growth. Calcium will help your pet’s bones stay strong while iron promotes healthy skin.

Live snails for a terrarium can revitalize the diet of the pet within the enclosure. Shop our offerings today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to common questions:

Can I Buy Snails Online?

You can buy garden sails and live snails online. Whether you’re looking to keep pet snails or need live snails for pet ponds, online purchases are a valid option.

Can Snails Survive Indoors?

Yes, snails can survive indoors. You only need to recreate its natural habitat with a suitable box under optimum temperature.

2 Item(s)