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Crested Gecko Kits

Crested Geckos, formerly known as Rhacodactylus ciliatus and recently re-classified as Correlophus ciliatus, are native to Southern Grand Terre, New Caledonia and at least one small surrounding island. Crested Geckos are semi-arboreal, spending most of their time in small trees and low shrubs.

Crested Geckos have a unique set of requirements for a comfortable habitat. At Online Reptile Shop we make it easier to access the perfect crested gecko vivarium.

We sell a range of Crested Gecko kits from different suppliers and also put together our own kits. If you want any advice on your new Crested Gecko or its starter kit please contact us.

Best Crested Gecko Vivarium in the UK

Our starter kits offer more than just a crested gecko cage. When you choose any of our credit gecko terrarium options, you’re one step away from providing your cold-blooded pet with the ultimate habitat.

Our crested gecko starter kit includes all of the following:

Crested Gecko Terrarium

Just like our chameleon starter kits, the terrariums for your crested gecko come in different sizes and materials. While the minimum size for an adult gecko measures 45x45x60, we offer bigger-sized terrariums depending on your personal preferences.

Our crested gecko starter kit will include the best type of cage for your pet — a glass terrarium. Made to the highest specifications, you can expect your new vivarium to stand the test of time and durability.

Light Dome/ UVB Tube

Lizard kits will need equipment that ensures the vivarium meets lighting recommendations. For your crested gecko set up in the UK, you need to be able to provide a light dome or UVB tube for lighting purposes.

Crested geckos bask in UVB light when they’re in the wild. Therefore, it’s best to mimic those conditions in your crested gecko vivarium. With our starter kits, you can give your pet all the UVB exposure it needs.

Heat Mat and Thermometer

A bearded dragon vivariummust meet specific temperature recommendations. The same goes for your crested gecko terrarium. All of our crested gecko kits include functional heat bulbs or a heat mat for controlling the temperature in the habitat.

In some cases, the starter kit may also include a thermometer to help you regulate the temperature in the vivarium. We recommend installing the heat sources across a gradient in the vivarium. By doing so, your pet can easily move from one part of the enclosure to another to meet its heating demands.

Decorative Items

The goal of a crested gecko vivarium is to make your pet feel like it’s in the wild. We offer vines, tree bark and wood branches to make your pet feel right at home. You can place these decor items strategically near heating and lighting sources.

The decorative pieces in your crested gecko vivarium will offer a natural feel, just like our leopard gecko tanks. They are also a way for your crested gecko to play or hide whenever it wants.

Substrate Material

A crested gecko kit from us will include decorative pieces. Therefore, your crested gecko will have little contact with the substrate material. Notwithstanding, available crested gecko kits only have safe, irritant-free substrate material.

We offer the best equipment and fittings for your crested gecko terrarium. Look through the available options above.

2 Item(s)