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Leopard Gecko Kits

With the best leopard gecko tank, you can enjoy your lizard companion’s growth and life. Leopard geckos make a perfect lizard for the beginner to reptiles. They are friendly, easy to care for and only grow to around 20-30cm/8-12" in length.

Here at Online Reptile Shop, you will find a selection of starter kits to help you get set up quickly. Although it’s easy to care for a leopard gecko, its habitat will make all the difference in the world.

Your leopard gecko should live in a vivarium that meets strict housing and caring requirements. All of this is necessary if you want to ensure your reptile buddy lives in good health.

The best leopard gecko kits should offer a variation of the following:


This is a tank for your leopard gecko. It usually comes with a glass panel on one side for maximum lighting. The remaining three sides of a leopard gecko cage are usually made from wood.

The size of your leopard gecko tank is an important part of the setup. Buy a tank too small and you’ll be stifling the natural growth of your pet. The main factor to consider is your gecko’s size. Here’s what we mean:

  • For a leopard gecko that’s 6” or shorter, you’ll be needing a 20-gallon enclosure
  • If your leopard gecko is over 7” long, it’s best to go for a tank sized at 40 gallons or more.

Heat Mat

In its natural habitat, a leopard gecko thrives on the warming rays of the sun. Including a heat mat in your leopard gecko tank setup will mimic these exact conditions.

Water Dish

It’s necessary to provide a drinking source for your pet. Typically situated in a corner of your leopard gecko terrarium, it should have a sturdy base to stop your pet from spilling it. 

Cave and Branches

For the overall well-being of a leopard gecko, it should be able to play. Branches allow for good exercise while the cave is a shady relaxation size. 


Leopard gecko kits must contain equipment for measuring atmospheric conditions. A thermometer is crucial for taking temperature readings.

Every leopard gecko tank we offer to residents in the UK come with all of the aforementioned and in some cases, extra features. Look through our collection today.

Leopard Gecko Advanced Kit — Look Out For Heating and Light Features

Your leopard gecko terrarium must have ways to tweak heating and lighting conditions. It’s the only way you’ll be able to keep a happy leopard gecko.

These reptiles are ectothermic. If you’re new to the leopard gecko scene, it simply means they can’t produce their own heat. As such, they need heat sources.

The best conditions for your leopard gecko dictate a daytime temperature of 26.7-29.4°C with a dedicated basking area kept at 31.1-32.2°C. The only way you’ll be able to monitor these strict conditions is with a thermometer.

When planning for your leopard gecko tank setup, remember the temperature has to be in a gradient. Leopard geckos thermoregulate their body by moving into cooler or hotter areas as needed.

As such, heat sources in the vivarium should be installed in a reducing gradient. The cool sections of your leopard gecko tank should be 24-26 °C in the daytime.

  • Primary heat sources that make up a leopard gecko advanced kit include heat tapes, tank heaters and overhead heat sources.
  • Secondary heat sources are best used in dedicated basking areas. These include black or red basking lights and heat mats.

Humidity and UV Lights 

While setting up a leopard gecko tank, install 2-5% UVB lights. With this lighting feature, your leopard gecko will be able to create Vitamin D naturally.

Humidity is another key feature of a leopard gecko tank. For residents across the UK, we advise you to buy a starter/advanced kit with a hygrometer. With it, you can keep humidity levels between 30-40%.

Hides and Landscaping Features

One of the tips to set up a leopard gecko tank is mimicking its natural habit. Features like rocks, branches and plants can make this possible. Although, the more elaborate these features are, the bigger the size of your leopard gecko tank.

The perfect leopard gecko habitat fulfils the following needs: activity, basking and hiding.

Hiding areas can come in the form of curved barks, carefully arranged rocks, boxes and mini-pots. Apart from being a playful activity, these hiding areas will serve as a sleeping spot for your pet.

Activity areas in your leopard gecko tank will be used for exercise, climbing and general movements. Online Reptile Shop UK’s collection of starter kits uses smooth rocks and wood features to satisfy this requirement.

Basking areas should have a heating mat with the temperature requirements in the previous section. In addition to this heat source, it should also have wood branches or rocks for your leopard gecko’s maximum comfort.

Substrate material should line the bottom of the vivarium. This can be a reptile carpet, newspaper clippings or paper towel. Remember to change the substrate material periodically.

When outfitting your leopard gecko tank with the features above, there are a few safety points to note.

  • Avoid all types of abrasive/rough fixtures. These surfaces can tear your pet’s skin if they touch them during shedding periods. 
  • Make sure not to use resinous woods like cedar. In most cases, they hold toxicity potential for a leopard gecko.
  • Plants, whether artificial or natural, can be used to add a natural feel to a leopard gecko vivarium. However, be careful when picking a live plant for the cage. Some plant species can be toxic to geckos.

Buy leopard gecko kits with the best landscape and lighting features. Look through our collections today.

The Best Leopard Gecko tank for Your Pet

We all want the best for our reptile friends. Whether it’s a working thermometer or the right heat mat to satisfy basking needs, every leopard gecko owner wants to be able to satisfy all of their pet needs. Luckily, you’re partnering with a brand that understands that every feature of a leopard gecko tank has to be just so.

Here at Online Reptile Shop, we only sell high-quality features for your lizard setups. From the enclosure down to the UV lights and landscaping features, you’re getting a vivarium that’ll remain in good shape for a long time.

In addition to a leopard gecko tank, we offer the following lizard setups:

Shop through our collection of lizard setups available for residents in the UK!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here’s the information you need:

Can I Keep Leopard Gecko in a Fish Tank?

No, you can’t house a leopard gecko in a fish tank. The best tank is a wooden vivarium. These have three wooden sides and a glass panel — making it easier to control temperature and lighting.

What do You Need in a Leopard Gecko Tank?

Your leopard gecko tank should have the following:

  • Heat sources
  • Lighting
  • Thermometer
  • Food and water bowls
  • Habitat features like caves and branches
  • Substrate material

How Much does it Cost to Setup a Leopard Gecko Tank?

The upfront setup costs for a leopard gecko tank are on the affordable side. Also, it’s a one-time expense.

Expect to spend between £70-£300 depending on the size and features you choose for a leopard gecko tank.

6 Item(s)