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Lizard Kits

The Right Lizard Kits for Your Pet

Lizards may occur naturally in arid Australia, but they’re a common pet here in the UK. Adult pet lizards can grow up to 60cm. And, if you want your pet to enjoy a nice, comfortable life, you’ll need lizard kits.

Here at Online Reptile Shop, we understand how important the proper setup is to the care of your lizard. That’s why we offer everything you need to make the perfect lizard vivarium in one kit.

A lizard terrarium should be well lit, have sufficient temperature, heating and exciting play pieces. While other gecko kits may not meet your pet’s needs, we go the extra step to satisfy you.

Whether you need a chameleon starter kit or a crested gecko vivarium, Online Reptile Shop has you covered. Look through our collection of lizard kits now.

Why Our Lizard Kits

Buying a lizard vivarium in the UK can quickly get complicated if you don’t know your pet’s needs. Even if you are an experienced lizard parent, it may be hard to find all odds and ends in one place — until now.

Our lizard and snake starter kits provide everything you need to house your reptile friend comfortably.


Say you own a bearded dragon. At the very least, an adult lizard will need a vivarium measuring 4 x 2 x 2. We find that it’s always best to go with a large-sized vivarium from the onset. After all, even a baby-sized beardie will grow into an adult.

Our collection of lizard kits include bearded dragon vivarium or leopard gecko tanks. We also have starter kits with a crested gecko vivarium. Start shopping now.


The correct temperature for a bearded dragon is 37°C on the warmer end and 21°C on the cool end. If you’re buying a lizard terrarium for a leopard or crested gecko, you’ll have to find out the appropriate temperature readings from a vet.

The important thing is our lizard kits provide the means to monitor temperature levels. Chameleon Starter Kits from our collections will have effective, precise thermometers.

Lighting and Heat

Your lizard setup is incomplete without heating and lighting features. When you buy our kit for a crested gecko vivarium, you can expect them to include spot bulbs. These bulbs add to your reptile’s comfort by replicating the sun’s light and heat.

The typical lizard may need up to 14 hours of UV lighting during the summer season. Our lizard kits also include a UVB tube and lighting dome to meet this need. Some of our snake starter kits come with heating mats.


While lighting and heat are key to building a lizard vivarium in the UK, you shouldn’t forget the substrate. The substrate material for your terrarium must be safe for the pet. When you buy any of our lizard kits, you can expect safe, comfortable substrate material.

Vivarium Decoration

Decor pieces are the final piece to your lizard vivarium. A food bowl, natural plants, a hammock, rock and wooden branches are some of the common options we offer.

Online Reptile Shop should be your go-to for lizard kits in the UK. Build the lizard vivarium of your dreams.

Start shopping our lizard starter kits now.

Showing 1-12 of 14

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