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Brown Crickets

Crickets for Sale - Live Brown Crickets

Live brown crickets have long antennae, large jumping legs, wings and a distinct light brown colour. Brown crickets are popular as live reptile food, thanks to their protein content.

You can also refer to them as silent brown crickets. They come in different sizes, which you can choose from depending on your reptile’s size.

When you buy live crickets from us, you can expect high-quality packaging and fast delivery. We deliver brown crickets in bulk and in healthy condition.

Since they’re easy to maintain, our live crickets for sale in the UK can become the centrepiece of your reptile’s healthy diet.

We also stock turtle food and highly nutritious snails for sale. Shop our offerings today!

Silent Brown Crickets in the UK: Nutritional Value

Much like live black crickets, silent brown crickets offer plenty of protein. An eating regimen that includes brown crickets offers your reptile protein for developing and maintaining muscle mass.

The protein nutrients in brown crickets improve organ function and give your pet the energy to play all day long.

The nutritional value of silent brown crickets becomes doubly important for sick or injured pets. Protein is useful for fast cell repair and maintenance.

When you buy live crickets, you’re not just paying for protein supplements. Live brown crickets include the following nutrients:


Below, we breakdown the nutritional value of a brown cricket:

Protein: 15.4%
Fibre: 2.2%
Fat: 3.3%
Moisture: 77%

If you’re looking to up the calorie intake of your pet reptile, then consider live mealworms.

Our fast delivered live brown crickets are available at a moment’s notice. They’re pretty much silent until they reach adulthood and can’t fly. These unique features mean it’s easier to maintain brown crickets in bulk.

Choosing the Right Size Cricket

If you buy live flies for your reptile, you’re getting a one-size-fits-all deal. The reverse is the case when browsing through crickets for sale offerings.

When you buy live crickets online, it’s important to consider their sizes. The ideal scenario is to buy crickets with a width smaller than your pet’s mouth.

If you’re not quite sure, it’s better to go with smaller-sized crickets instead of larger ones. Larger brown crickets can prove challenging for a pet reptile to eat.

For smaller live food variants, try our live locusts.

Best Temperature for Brown Crickets

While we deliver silent brown crickets in healthy condition to locations across the UK, it’s up to you to store them in optimal temperatures. The best temperature range for live brown crickets is between 70°-75° F.

Similarly, keep the storage container away from humid conditions, cold drafts and direct sunlight. Make sure the storage container is dry and has slits for ventilation.

When we ship crickets for sale during the cold weather, they may appear dead on arrival. Cold conditions can cause silent brown crickets to go dormant. Simply release them into the container and wait for them to become active in a few hours.

Tips to Storing Live crickets

Our crickets for sale will always come in a distinct, carefully packaged box. Start by removing the crickets from the box and transferring them to the container.

You can section out the container using egg crates. The extra sections can be a climbing area that allows the silent brown crickets to spread out, play and get active.

It’s best to keep crickets measuring 0.5 inches or more in an 18-20 gallon container that’s taller than 14 inches. To prevent the crickets from climbing out, it’s best if the inner walls of the container are slick.

Finally, account for proper ventilation. If you choose to store the crickets in an aquarium, don’t use a lid. There’s no need for bedding material in the storage container as it can harm the crickets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s what you need to know:

Are Brown Crickets Silent?

Although they’re not fully silent, brown crickets are one of the quietest species in existence. Crickets produce a chirruping sound by rubbing their wings together. For brown crickets, this sound has a lower pitch and happens far less often.

How Long Do Silent Crickets Live?

Silent crickets live for 8-10 weeks.

Do Brown Crickets Bite?

Brown crickets can bite. However, they rarely bite humans. Similarly, their mouthparts can barely break human skin.

2 Item(s)